Gold, Greed and Speculation

This permanent exhibition focuses on the founding years of Sacramento. The exhibit begins with the Gold Rush, and is directed toward the years 1850-1870. Through the use of imagery, artifacts and media, many stories are told. The exhibit is divided into 4 sections: Gold, The Sacramento River as a confluence, Business and Prosperity and Disease and Disaster.

Photographs by Marcess Owings.




Hayward Area Historical Society

Utilizing oversized, open books and folded pages, this exhibit interprets the stories of citizens from the Hayward area over time. Large pages serve as graphic backdrops to artifacts, while “handwritten” stories from locals are interspersed between the images and objects. The book structures provide an organizational flow to the exhibit and add to the surprise element at each turn. 

Photographs by Marcess Owings.




This modest exhibit, featuring two stone caves, interprets the very rich history of V. Sattui Winery. Founded in the late 1800s in San Francisco, V. Sattui is one of the oldest wineries in the Napa Valley. From its early days in San Francisco, closure during Prohibition and through its reopening in the 1970’s, the exhibit uses vibrant imagery and historic artifacts to walk winery guests through the experience.



The newest permanent exhibit at the Museum on Main in

Pleasanton, CA, this exhibit outlines the progression

of this East Bay town from its Ohlone history, to early settlement, Missions, Phoebe Hearst's  presence to

Pre and Post War Pleasanton. Using artifact, images, and

media, the structure of the exhibit is based on the use of

building materials from each era as the backdrop.